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Secure storage units in Hastings

Our flexible self-storage options are perfect for everyone regardless of their needs. The combination of different unit sizes, short and long term options, and high security site, creates a superior self-storage option.

Size really does matter

When it comes to storage, size does matter. You need your belongings to fit in a unit comfortably, but not everyone needs a massive amount of space. Our three sizes of storage unit cater for everyone.
These sizes are:
  • 6m x 3m (single garage size – can accommodate up to a 4 bedroom house lot)
  • 3m x 3m (half single garage size - can accommodate up to a 2 bedroom house lot)
  • 6m x 2m
The length of time for your storage matters too and we're not going to make it difficult just because you need short term storage. We offer both long and short term storage options.

Comprehensive security

Our self contained units are purpose built to be dry but also have plenty of air circulation. Power and lighting options are also available.
Our onsite security goes beyond the units themselves:
  • the A Plus facility has full security fencing with monitored perimeter alarms
  • access controlled monitored self-entry and exit
  • security lighting
Each unit is only yours to access too. Even with all of that security our site is convenient. There is easy drive in and drive out access and it's easy to move your vehicle to right outside your unit.

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We understand that ensuring your property is safe and secure is paramount in self-storage decisions. That's why we've taken the time to answer our most frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease.

Q. Do you insure our belongings?

A. No, you need to insure your own. Because we are an all steel constructed facility, to our knowledge there has never been insurance cover declined for our clients.

Q. Is there a minimum storage term?

A. No, we will accommodate your needs no matter the length of your intended stay.

Q. Is there room for vehicle access?

A. Yes, you drive in one gate and out the other. Driveways are 5m wide and can accommodate large trucks.

Q. How is the unit rental agreement structured?

A. Our standard terms and conditions are consistent with the Australasian Self-Storage Association terms and conditions. Clients are provided with a copy.

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